Is the DW-5600MS-1 Discontinued??

Thread: Is the DW-5600MS-1 Discontinued??

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    Is the DW-5600MS-1 Discontinued??

    I have been looking all over for a decent deal on the DW-5600MS-1. I found only a couple places with this model in stock and they are all around $100, which is crazy because this model was $65 - 70 not too long ago. Has this watch been discontinued, which has driven up price?? There are a couple on Ebay, but really don't like buying watches on there if I don't have to.

    I am looking for a watch for hunting/fishing watch that will fit underneath my jacket. My GA 150 has too large of profile to wear with a jacket, especially when your layering clothes underneath for cold weather. I considered the regular DW-5600-e but like the stealthiness of the 5600MS. thanks for the help.

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    Re: Is the DW-5600MS-1 Discontinued??

    They are not G Shocks but Casio's line has watches that cover those activities. Check

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    Re: Is the DW-5600MS-1 Discontinued??

    I still see them available at the local watch malls, however, those could be old stock. You can always buy them from Rakuten after eBay runs out. Or try WUS forums.
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