dw-5600nh and dw-5600e side by side
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Thread: dw-5600nh and dw-5600e side by side

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    dw-5600nh and dw-5600e side by side

    dw-5600e (henceforth E) vs. dw-5600nh (henceforth NH)

    Note: I'd like to apologize in advance for the dirty condition of both watches in these photos. I let my son wear the E and touch the NH before the pictures were taken. A few of the pictures are borrowed. Those are the clean ones.

    What is the dw-5600nh?
    A 2014/15 limited-edition collaboration between N. Hollywood (as I understand it, a Japanese designer specializing in Americana) and G-Shock. The "Type II - Class A" printed on the glass is a definite American reference. This is homage to the Benrus Type 2 Class A diving watch produced for select American armed-forces members in the Viet Nam War era.

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    My watch doesn't say "Type II - Class A," my watch says "Type II - Class B," so mine is the presumably less-desirable 2015 edition. The ebay add showed the 2014 model, so I've asked for a return. Interestingly, the ebay pictures also showed a "Made in China" caseback. My watch has a "Made in Japan" caseback.

    The E cost $45 dollars. The NH cost $300 dollars. The modules are identical. So, besides exclusivity, what do you get?

    1. The band on the NH is gloss black, whereas the band on the E is matte black.
    2. The LCD on the NH is better. Looking directly at the NH, the numbers are a little pale, however, the NH LCD has pretty much infinite viewing angle. You cannot see undrawn (ghost) numbers on the NH. The NH background is smooth, not grainy like the E.
    3. A set of bars.

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    4. The NH has a black instead of silver caseback.
    5. The NH (at least this version) is made in Japan. The E is made in China.

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    6. The EL on the NH is terrible. It's meant to be red, but has blue light leaking out around the sides. I couldn't capture this in a picture, but the NH is difficult to read straight on when illuminated. The pale-when-straight-on LCD and red (over blue) EL combine for an ugly, washed out appearance when illuminated.

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    Worth it? Not for me. If they were both $45, I'd still take the E.

    It bothered me at first that the E wasn't as refined as, for instance, the gw-5000. However, especially after a few adventures with the E, I've since grown fond of its looks. It's a classic, and not the only classic that looks a bit like a toy.

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    I might try a dw-d5600p down the road for the better LCD--the increased viewing angle would be handy when driving--but I think I'm done with glossier, prettier squares. Dw-5600e is the Speedmaster Professional of Gs.

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    Re: dw-5600nh and dw-5600e side by side

    Thanks, I appreciate the comparison. I suspected the NH had a different LCD, maybe the same as the DW-5600P and DW-5030, those both have the cleaner background too. I like the backplate on the NH, disappointed to see that the backlight is just filtered.

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    Re: dw-5600nh and dw-5600e side by side

    Nice write-up, and thank you!

    I don't normally care for most G-Shock "collabs," but it's nice to see that there's an actual historical and horological explanation behind the wording on the crystal and case back of the DW-5600NH!

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    Re: dw-5600nh and dw-5600e side by side

    Wow. Is the $300 pricetag the original price or did you pay premium from a reseller?

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    Re: dw-5600nh and dw-5600e side by side

    try dw-5000, either the original version or the reissue
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