Hello to all,

I have been in search of a DW-6600 since it was my very first G I purchased back in the late 1994 to early 1995 time frame. I am searching in particular for the model that has the "electro luminescence" text rather than the "illuminator" text. I found one on ebay and even though the photo shown was a stock photo, I took the chance.

It arrived today and was not the model pictured in the AD. It was even better. How many of you thought this was going to be a rant thread, lol.

Here is a photo:

I had no idea this model even existed. Using the following site, I looked it up for info regarding the model #:

Casio G-Shock Watch Archive photos, videos and specifications | Library of wristwatches

Now finally onto my question. Within that database, it lists a DW-6600G. My case back reads DW-6600 only. Not DW-6600G. My experience with other G's of the 6600 line show specific model #'s. 6600B for example. As well as the newer 6600C. Everything about it screams unworn and unmolested. I need to hear from the knowledgable wether or not this this is truly legit or is in fact a franken G. Thanks for your help.


P.S. - If anyone can help me out with the one I seek, I would be greatly appreciative.