DW-6900 1V lcd problem
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Thread: DW-6900 1V lcd problem

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    DW-6900 1V lcd problem

    So i have this 7 year old DW and the LCD recently has been buggy. When i turn on the EL in daylight, i notice the numbers sort of.. Disappear. Although from other angles with the EL on the numbers ARE completely visible. Any suggestions? :(
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    Re: DW-6900 1V lcd problem

    Looks to just be low battery to me. Straight on digits fade more than at an angle and the EL uses a fair bit of power.

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    Re: DW-6900 1V lcd problem

    need new battery
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    Re: DW-6900 1V lcd problem

    It's nothing to worry about and is quite simply due to the battery being low. It will need replacing soon.
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    Re: DW-6900 1V lcd problem

    Yep, it's the battery. 7 years on a two year battery....not bad! Be sure to read up on battery changes in the tutorial section. Do not over tighten the screws on the resin caseback. Also make sure to do an AC reset. The batteries are cheap. As long as you use silicone grease to lube the O ring the water resistance will remain. Changing the battery is easy and simple.

    Here is a good tutorial from Sjors.
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