DW-6900 straps on GA-100/110?

Thread: DW-6900 straps on GA-100/110?

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    DW-6900 straps on GA-100/110?

    Calling all owners of GA-100 and/or GA-110:

    How do the strap lugs design/construction look compared to the classic DW-5000/5600/6900 straps? Do they look interchangeable? It looks like they are from photos off the internet.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DW-6900 straps on GA-100/110?

    Hi there,
    I think that fitting of the strap is quite diifferent : screws instead of springbar but I'd also like to know if GA-100/110 strap could be fitted on a Riseman/Gulfman for a modding project.
    So if somebody could provide the following datas regarding the GA-100/110 band : Lug size, strap width (min and max) and the screw holes diameter.
    Pics would be appreciated
    Many thanks.

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