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    Cool DW-8800 Codename Cipher

    My DW-8800 Codename Cipher arrived yesterday. A bit "battle-scarred" as you can see on my pic!
    A battery change and some new hardware on the strap and I was set to go. Incidentally, I can vouch for the fact the data in the watch is safe even after a battery change and all-reset. I now know more about the previous owner and his friends than he'd prefer, I'm sure... :-X
    The scrolling display is quite an eyecatcher, and the morse code beeps and alarm are embarrassingly loud. I must admit I am fast developing a fondness for the "sillier" G's!

    Perhaps just one more humourous quote from the manual:
    "Once you input your vital statistics, take care that the watch is not borrowed by another person. Otherwise, emergency medical personnel may assume that the date in the Vital Statistics/ID mode applies to the person who is currently wearing the watch."


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    Re: DW-8800 Codename Cipher

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    Smile Re: DW-8800 Codename Cipher

    Yo Bughamer,

    It looks like your Codename has had a bumpy ride with his previous owner.

    Those vital statistics are indeed a funny feature. Like any emergence personel looks on your watch and says: Hey, he has vital statistics on his watch!". Would like that to see happen in real...

    There is a young student here walking around with a Codename Cipher. I once helped him replacing the battery. It took me three times to reset the watch, before it functioned perfectly (pfewww!).

    Have loads of fun witj your Codename Cipher,


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    Re: DW-8800 Codename Cipher

    seems like the G2310 that fell 25 stories is in better condition than your DW8800 lol :-D

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