DW5600MS-1 -- hard to read the display?

Thread: DW5600MS-1 -- hard to read the display?

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    DW5600MS-1 -- hard to read the display?

    I've read/watched numerous reviews that mention the military inspired DW5600MS-1 can be hard to read.

    From the few videos I've seen this doesn't seem to be the case.

    Of course I realize it has a light feature, but does anyone have any experience with this issue?

    Is it really an issue at all?


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    Re: DW5600MS-1 -- hard to read the display?

    not an issue for me. i have the 6900ms and the 5600ms.

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    Re: DW5600MS-1 -- hard to read the display?

    I don't have a problem reading it in normal lighting conditions. But in darker lighting conditions it will be harder to read than a regular LCD. There's always the backlight though for those cases.

    The DW-5600MS is more legible than older negative models, but I think the more expensive models like the GX-56/GXW-56 and MIMB series have a slightly better quality negative display.

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    Re: DW5600MS-1 -- hard to read the display?

    Not so sure about that - IMO the GX-56 or GWX-5600 for that matter still suck compared to the G-7710-1 or G-7800B. The DW-6900MS was (I sold it) better IMO than the GWX-5600 or GX-56. The one big advantage on the older modules like in the DW-5600MS or DW-6900MS is that the digits are thicker than on the regular display - in order to make more light hit the display so contrast gets better (on a negative display only the light entering "through" the digits can get reflected while on a normal display all the light hitting the space around the digits gets reflected - this makes the difference in contrast) - somehow Casio decided to let go of that IMO very clever idea. Newer negative displays don't have those extra fat digits anymore. I can post some pics tomorrow of the DW-5600MS - mine arrived today but I wasn't home so I gotta fetch it from the post office tomorrow - hope I'll make it 'cause they only open 3 hrs tomorrow and I'm working nightshift.

    Greetings, Sedi

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