Dw6900cc series and GW6900A9

Thread: Dw6900cc series and GW6900A9

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    Dw6900cc series and GW6900A9

    Does anyone know where I can get the new DW6900 CC Metallic series?

    Also I have been trying to find the GW6900A9 yellow...

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    Re: Dw6900cc series and GW6900A9

    I don't think any of these have hit most US retailers yet. You can order all of those from Japan right now, but the price will be about twice as much.

    They should be readily available any day though now. Hopefully, they will then be in the $60-90 USD price range. Amazon will likely have some good deals on these like they did for the first Crazy Colors.

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    Re: Dw6900cc series and GW6900A9

    On ebay the new crazy colors go for around 160-170 bucks at the moment... I'll just wait for a while for prices to calm down a bit.

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