DW9000 Triple Crown Wrist Shots?

Thread: DW9000 Triple Crown Wrist Shots?

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    DW9000 Triple Crown Wrist Shots?

    Hey Guys!!

    I am just about to getting my third G...and it's a vintage white DW9000 Triple Crown Surfing edition. I am pretty close to closing the deal, but going through some reviews, I read that it sits pretty high on the wrist and tends to snag on to clothing. Would appreciate if owners of DW9000 variants could post a couple of wrist shots for reference.

    Now, I did own a green jelly DW9000 from 1999-2000 before it gave up on me, but thats almost two decades now and I can't recall how it fit me back then, though I do recall that it was too big for my wrists. (and I was a teenager back then with probably smaller wrists too). Just for reference, my GR8900 fits me almost perfectly...

    So appreciate your feedback, please post any DW9000 wrist shot pics that you may have!


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    Re: DW9000 Triple Crown Wrist Shots?

    This guy has the dw9000

    yup sits pretty high on the wrist, i dont own the Triple Crown but mine is dw9000bk with strap adapters so i guess it will sit the same height.

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