DW9000XS, not my best looking watch
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Thread: DW9000XS, not my best looking watch

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    DW9000XS, not my best looking watch

    First let me start with the watch itself:

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    "Eeeewwwww, seafoam not saving that puppy." You are correct and it was my initial impression as well. And just to show it is uniform, here is the whole watch:

    Name:  Watch laid out.jpg
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    "Wow, what color are you gonna dye it?". That was my originaly intention with this purchase, and to try the strap out (I'll get to that in a minute). Once again, I found out I don't know everything (I'm getting the idea I will feel like that my entire life). Ready for the crazy part? Casio MEANT to do that! Here is the stock photo (swiped from elsewhere on this forum ironically):

    Name:  DW-9000XS-9T.jpg
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    Yup, the DW-9000XS-9T in all it's glory. Technically it is my first yellow watch (color code 9), but I'm not giving it that credit. So when I purchased it I thought I was getting a yellowed out jelly that would be fun to try out. Interesting design and interesting strap, and possibly a fun RIT project.

    Name:  Endless Strap.jpg
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    There is the strap in all it's glory. My 2nd one of this style (I don't know what you call it) but it does have some interesting features. Starting with the buckle.

    Name:  Buckle in use.jpg
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    And here it is by itself:

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    Just different from my other watches. Not necessarily any better. See further up the strap how it goes from Grey to Yellow? It looks like it is actually different pieces (3?) mmmmmmelded together. On the inside of the strap there is some cool texturing:

    Name:  Inlaid strap.jpg
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    See what I mean? Even the adaptors are transulecent:

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    Casio also went big with the G's. Got two on the strap. One in the middle (to center on the case back?):

    Name:  center of strap.jpg
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    And one more on the end

    Name:  Strap end.jpg
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    When I realized I didn't care to get into the dye-project (and the multi-colored stove top my wife is definitely against in no un-certain terms, just ask her ) I lost use/need for this watch. Until today. Was going to head to the beach and was trying to decide which one to wear. Landed on his one. It is my perfect "I don't care" watch. Unassuming, not of huge value to me, and interesting enough.

    The module itself is the pretty basic 1627 nothing crazy. I don't know if Casio has ever used this color since this (or before for that matter) but it sure fooled me, and everyone else I'm sure.

    If you have big wrists, this may be one to consider. I have about 7.5" wrists and have 5 holes left on the strap. Don't worry, they made this watch in other colors too. So you 8+"ers out there
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    Re: DW9000XS, not my best looking watch

    Had that exact model in a seafoam green. Gave it to a friend here on the forum. Sweet watches and uber comfortable.

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