Is this ebay auc legit?

Thread: Is this ebay auc legit?

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    Is this ebay auc legit?

    Noob here so please be kind

    Something looks suspicious about this auc...

    Titanium, screw-back, 200M, shouldn't this go for a lot more than $48?

    I'm not familiar with Casio titaniums, but Citizen titanium watches are considerably more $$$ than their stainless counterparts.

    the "Don't pour in water..." comments..???

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    Re: Is this ebay auc legit?

    cheap Fake !

    p.s. i like the old Kramer on the Picture, great Heavy-Strats !!

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    Re: Is this ebay auc legit?

    The Frogman are the most copied G's I believe that are out there, and some of them pretty hedious looking . As you noticed when they are that cheap that is usually a pretty good indication it's a fake.

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