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    eBay Surpluses

    I was browsing around eBay earlier on and noticed that there were a lot of G-9300GBs and G-6900KGs on offer. Sure enough there seem to be a heap of GF-8250ERs also. Besides any digital G-Shock with a '-1' suffix (i.e. Casio's standard black/red/white colourway), has anyone noticed abundances of any other models?

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    Re: eBay Surpluses

    Surplusses are from all times. 10 -12 years ago hou ciuld get special models for very low pricing. If you look good around, you'll find several stores.



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    Re: eBay Surpluses

    For a while I was considering a GW-6900KG, but they're rather expensive (Japan only release). Then I spotted the G-6900KG and... yeah, they are abundant and at good prices. There are so many that one could easily buy one at any time. Why? One could only speculate. Just doesn't seem to me like negative display 6900's have been very popular.

    I'm pretty convinced that CASIO sometimes makes a marketing error and produces more of a given model than the demand that is realized. They seem to also make marketing errors in the other direction, where a desirable model isn't produced enough. That actually works in CASIO's favor, because it trumps up interest in the brand. CASIO does this intentionally with limited releases all the time, and occasionally extremely limited (like the GW-T5030C).

    As for other models that have been overproduced... the DW-5600E is a prime example. You'll tend to find that it's pretty rare a very desirable model is overproduced.
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    Re: eBay Surpluses

    I also noticed quite a lot of G-9300GBs for good prices. Maybe sellers are clearing stock to make room for the new Rangeman ?

    cheers, Sedi

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    Re: eBay Surpluses

    Quote Originally Posted by Sedi View Post
    I also noticed quite a lot of G-9300GBs for good prices. Maybe sellers are clearing stock to make room for the new Rangeman ?

    cheers, Sedi
    I have noticed the same thing. I remember right after I bought mine, the prices started to tumble, even on the atomic version. I actually found an atomic one for less than I paid for my non atomic 9300GB.
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