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    Question EDIFICE Bands...HELP!!!

    Bought a EFE-500J-2A at local Costco a while back..and from what I gather, all the links I find for it are leading me to believe it was more of a Japanese model that one that was sold here in the US that much. (costco gets their extra stock from wierd places sometimes I guess).

    Anyway..the band is broken and I've looked and looked for a replacement band (original is resin...would be open to a stainless upgrade like the one that is on the EFE-500D-1A as well).

    Anyone have a good source for Edifice bands!!! Help...love this little guy as a daily driver.


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    Re: EDIFICE Bands...HELP!!!

    Casio EFE500J-2A Parts and Accessories

    According to PacParts' database, the EFE-500J2A came with a resin strap -- which is the first part in the list of parts in the link above.

    Their being out of stock on the strap is completely normal -- except for very common parts like batteries and spring rods, they wait until someone needs a particular part before they order it from Casio.

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