Edifice Question: UK vs US models?

Thread: Edifice Question: UK vs US models?

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    Edifice Question: UK vs US models?


    I was hoping to get an answer to a question I've had for a few days now.

    I am curious if there are any difference between two Casio Edifice models.

    The model numbers are:
    EQS500C-1A1er (UK version)
    EQS500C-1A1 (US version)

    In comparing pictures and manuals and such, they look identical, but I thought I'd bring the question here in hope for a straight answer.


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    Re: Edifice Question: UK vs US models?

    The watches will be identical, but may have minor differences related to sales territory, e.g. hangtags, type of packaging etc.

    Classy-looking watch, BTW
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