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    Email Needed Casio Japan

    Does anyone have the email address for Casio Japan Parts Department in english? I would like to order some parts & Casio USA does not stock them.

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    Re: Email Needed Casio Japan

    I don't think Casio Japan offers any real English support.

    Casio USA can usually get any parts that Casio Japan has available. I've ordered many Japanese-only market parts, and they got them for me no problem (it just took a little while).

    What model number are the parts for? Sometimes there's a delay on parts availability for new models. Or older ones could just be discontinued.
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    Re: Email Needed Casio Japan

    AFAIK, Casio doesn't have a parts department for contact by the general public in Japan, only for the trade, otherwise you'd have every Tomohiro, Daisuke, and Hanabusa wanting a G-Shock part calling them (a lot of people wear G-Shocks in Japan). And you can pretty much forget about the English help, unfortunately.

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