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    Enlighten me about G-shocks

    Okay, I'll be honest and say that I just got interested in watches about 2 months ago. I've been wearing my Invicta 8926 for the past 2 years..

    I'm still curious about these plastic G-shocks. Sure, I saw the torture test thread on this forum and do realize the watches are indestructible and that makes them useful for lots of extreme situations.

    But G-shock owners also seem to like them for more than just their tool quality.. they like their looks...? They would rather wear a G-shock on a daily basis even if they are NOT in a harsh environment, over any other nice watch?

    I'll admit that when I see a plastic watch on someone, I'll probably think it's cheap, like a $10 Timex or something from Wal-mart.

    How did you start loving G-shocks?

    I am not trying to be condescending, I am just curious with an open mind and after doing a quick browsing of this forum still do not fully understand. Thank you..

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    Re: Enlighten me about G-shocks

    Looks, strength, versatility, features, style.....theres virtually a G-Shock for anyone under pretty much any circumstance, dress, casual, hard work, office work....

    For me it's something about the look of these watches, and the beatings they can withstand under any circumstances. Plus I never have to worry about abuse AT ALL

    My Dawn Black Frogman is stylish, may not be for everyone, but I love the size and looks. My "Dawn Grey" Was the first project I took on with taking a watch apart, and removing the paint from the lettering, and completely changed the style. With the gold screwback and buttons with mirror finish...it's very sharp looking. My Giez hold such a sharp unique look to it with a heavy feel, and with the 5 motors, it has a wonderous technology that I love watching the hands move on it. My MTG also has that movement along with a Countdown Timer, they are like Digital watchs with analog movements. And my MTG is hardly a cheap looking resin watch. I can wear any of these anywhere. Thats my story Im looking forward to hearing others' feedback on this one.
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    Re: Enlighten me about G-shocks

    I like the way they look and they are tough watches and since i was an kid that then i was'nt wearing an watch but i always go check about g-shock but after time i got my first g-shock and since then i always go check them out since they have newer ones often and i tried wearing an timex as early 20's but it was'nt the same and i'll go back to g-shocks and since then i'll always go for steel ones like dw-5200 and i had an pac-man watch since i was an kid and it was'nt tough as g-shocks and they are good watches and really i don't give an [email protected] how others think but it makes me glad to have an tough watch.
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    Re: Enlighten me about G-shocks

    My first G-Shock was a DW5000 from 1983, the very first G-Shock model ever made. I was in Panama City, at the airport. Once I saw it, it was love at first sight. As you say, for me it was everything; not only the resistance or the functions, but also the looks. I was 12 years old back then, but since then I've been a G-Shock aficionado.

    That only increased when I discovered G-Peopleland.com online and the endless variety in models, versions and colors of which I had no idea about. From G-Peopleland.com I discovered this forum in 2006. And here, well, I guess you're seeing it: G-Shock paradise.

    I have other watches, but nothing as close to my heart as G-Shocks.

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    Re: Enlighten me about G-shocks

    for me, Gs are just revolutionary..ill give them that! U see, the trademark of Gs are bulky, chunky, heavily padded and of course the EL light. There are other watchmakers that tried starting a trademark trend...like the ALBA spoon (around the time Gs got really famous), and the more recent Fossil (leather cuffs) lineup, Adidas, Nike and the likes. They all died down in terms of new releases and public appeal BUT not the Gs. Casio continued releasing new models, more variants so it appeals to almost everyone from grease monkeys to white collar executives. Casio is incorporating more style into their already sucesssful 'tool/practical watch' lineup. Apart from that, more function/capabilities are also included in these watches (Automic/Solar/Baro/Moon/tide graph etc) with a G for every need whether u are a diver/outdoors/law enforcer/peace keeper/environmentalist?/ even if u do it part time

    Again IMHO Gs affect the way u feel about yourself...if u preceive urself as an average joe doing a desk job 9-5 everyday, u wear a shirt n tie attending meetings and boring paperwork, u look left and u look right, all the other guys are the same, everyday u follow obediently this 'ritual' going to bed at night with a new-same-un-eventful day looming...is there no adventure in life? are u going to give in to societal rituals lying down? is there no rebel inside u that wants to go againts the flow? are u boring like ur workmates? OH but there is a difference...its on ur wrist...it represents what u stand for, THAT u are not afraid to be rough, to take a tumble, to go into the jungle, to go caving, to go diving, to go off road, to climb mountains, or to 'take someone out'!! AT LEAST thats what it says about u...that u wont go down without a fight! A little rebelion inside us all
    (I will not be held liable for any damage or injury that this paragraph might inccur )

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    Re: Enlighten me about G-shocks

    I agree with Dougie, Vintage, Justin and Ron they have all made good points. another site to check out is


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    Re: Enlighten me about G-shocks

    1. Tough
    2. Cheap
    3. Useful features (countdown timers, stopwatches, lights, etc.)
    4. Not likely to be stolen (compared to a 'blingy' watch)
    5. #1-5 = worry free
    6. Make you feel like a kid again

    I would say they're a great fit for a lot of the occupations/lifestyles of the type of people who frequent this forum. We have a lot of tech-geeks, travellers and outdoors/divers/etc.-type people.

    I think if you're not into that kind of scene, then probably G-shocks (and any other plastic watches) look cheap and worthless. If you are, you know their real value. It's kind of one of those cases where something in an unimpressive package outperforms its competitors with fancy packages. I'm not saying G's aren't fashionable in some cases, but I think the majority of people who see a person older than 20 wearing a G-shock probably wonder a bit. I just choose not to care. Plus, I'm only 5 years older than the cutoff
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    Re: Enlighten me about G-shocks

    Well they've said it all really and very eloquently at that. The main point about G-Shocks are that they are all about function and form rather than hype. They do the job that they are designed for supremely well and at a price that is amazing.

    I have other watches that are perceived as "high quality" and often meet people that know watches. In that sort of company a G-Shock can hold it's head up and gets respect, even if it cost a fraction of the price, as it's build quality is legendary.

    One other thing and it's something that should be remembered above all ........ G-Shocks are a lot of fun! Get yourself one and then be prepared, you'll want more, I promise you! ....

    "The only exercise I take is walking behind the coffins of friends who took exercise." Peter O'Toole

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    Re: Enlighten me about G-shocks

    They are not just plastic watches...they have many incredible features that don't even exist in some high-end mechanicals and of course they have a style! I like them for their look, their quality/price ratio, and their features..

    Mechanical watches have their style too but i think that you don't get exactly what you pay for...

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    Re: Enlighten me about G-shocks

    Quote Originally Posted by str8flexed View Post
    I'll admit that when I see a plastic watch on someone, I'll probably think it's cheap, like a $10 Timex or something from Wal-mart.
    Well even if that is true, there's nothing ashamed about that isn't it?

    Maybe it's just me but I never quite understood why people find the necessity of justifying their watches are not cheap, whether it's true or not.
    And yes, I like the way they look.

    Spend a few days diving into Sjors collection and I think you may find something you like.
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