Ever seen these 3 Casio before?
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Thread: Ever seen these 3 Casio before?

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    Ever seen these 3 Casio before?

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    Re: Ever seen these 3 Casio before?

    Can't say I've seen these before. But eBay seller jj_watches usually has some unique(weird) European only waveceptors for sale on his site.
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    Re: Ever seen these 3 Casio before?

    Haha, i actually have a funny story regarding the last two models.

    There were about a dozen of these sold from my local AD and 2 were bought by my co-workers.

    They were sold something like 50% off and went away in a blast.

    But soon everyone started returning theirs to the AD as they didn't know how to set up time on it.

    Not only that but the local watchmaker gave up on these as well.

    Then I came into play, setting up my coworkers pieces and the word got out that I am this prodigy guy who can set up the impossible watch.

    Soon I was contacted by the AD and asked if I can come in and set up a few that their customers returned.
    I accepted and helped them. It soon became normal for people to come to my work asking for the guy that can set up the time on their watch. (It usually happens during DST changes, although I always set those on automatic, they seem to try to set it up by themselves and mess up the hands zero position)

    So these models made me a bit of a hero.
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    Re: Ever seen these 3 Casio before?

    I remember these, they were amongst the first waveceptor models available in the U.K quite a while back, I never owned any but remember seeing them in shop windows.
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    Re: Ever seen these 3 Casio before?

    Funny, I ran into them for the first time over the weekend as I was trying to source a band for an Edifice EQW-M710... it shares the band with Wave Ceptors:
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