Ever wondered what shilling on an auction site might look like?

Thread: Ever wondered what shilling on an auction site might look like?

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    Off topic Ever wondered what shilling on an auction site might look like?

    I just came across this ludicrously low opening bid on ebay for what is a high price G-Shock, the seller doesn't have a history of selling fakes so I thought it would be quite interesting to see what happens. I know what you're going to say...it happens all the time but this is the first time I've been able to watch one right from the beginning, sad, I know. Either this watch is so popular it sells at a very high price without assistance, possible. Or there is going to be some very obvious shilling going on. The same seller is selling one BIN for $289.98 so I predict it will end up slightly higher than that. Let the fun begin, well, it ends in six days so it may take a while to get going.


    Disclaimer. I am in no way shape or form connected to the seller or the auction site, nor am I bidding on this watch, I just have an interest in how these sites get misused and besides I could be wrong on all counts.

    P.S. If you are wondering what shilling is, in this instance it is posing as an outside buyer using a newly created account (most times using more than one bogus account) and bidding on your own item to drive the price up. On this particular site it can usually be identified by bidders with very low feedback (sometimes zero) indicating a relatively new account and a huge jump between bids driven by these bogus bids. This is the process that usually results in you paying a lot more than you intended and initial bidding and interest suggested. In most cases the seller ends up buying his own item but in some cases it can drive the price up by almost double.
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