I know these guys are a forum favorite, and after a second over-the-phone interaction with them, I can really see why.

I put in a long-lead order about five weeks ago, with lots of items "awaiting ETA from manufacturer", parts for 15-year old Casios, including one that I was really surprised I could get parts for at all, a titanium GW-700BTJ. I used a coupon code and crafted my order to just reach the $200 threshold for free shipping.

I wasn't surprised when a week later, they reached out to tell me that the printed crystal for the GW-700BTJ would not be available. Totally understandable. When you order a dozen things that are "awaiting ETA," you have to anticipate that the ETA for one or two of them might be "never." The surprise was how they reached out. I got a phone call, and the rep was happy to work with me over the phone to make changes to the order: given that I couldn't get the crystal, I decided to cancel all the other GW-700BTJ parts in the order...which meant I needed to specify a bunch of substitutions to still qualify for free shipping.

(Maybe I could have lobbied for free shipping on a lower total, but I had two weeks more worth of project ideas, and it wasn't hard to make up the gap. )

Fast forward a couple weeks, and I've been periodically checking the order status. The zeros in the "On Hand" column are gradually turning into ones and twos, until there's just one left: a slightly pricey white bezel for a DW-56RTB, in case some future owner wants to take it back to stock. Another week, and it's still the only zero, and it still says "awaiting ETA."

Today, I called up and said basically "hey, it seems like this one might be more of a challenge to source than some others parts that I've realized I could use." ... "No, they're not all 'on hand,' but they're from a much more recent model, so I figure it will be easier."

They happily swapped out the offending item, and replaced it with new requests that I *definitely* didn't know a month ago that I would be making.

I'm really happy with this level of service, especially given that I have no history with them, other than one order at the free-shipping minimum...with a coupon code, no less. Basically I'm the worst kind of customer for their margins, and they're treating me like we've done business for years.

I still haven't received my order, so I suppose this isn't a comprehensive review, but compared to sourcing all these exotic, tiny doodads and dealing with my substitutions, the packing and shipping should be the easy part!