Experience with buying G's in Japan?

Thread: Experience with buying G's in Japan?

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    Question Experience with buying G's in Japan?

    Hey Casiophiles:

    I was wondering if any of you has experience with buying Casio
    watches directly in Tokyo?

    I am wondering if it is actually possible to get the watches for
    the same or lower prices, as they are usually sold for by the three
    JDM retailers (Chino, Seiya, Higuchi) which many of us have
    used in the past from abroad? Does one have to bargain in stores
    as a foreigner in Japan? (Usually prices in stores are close to
    the sticker price, which of course would not be a good deal at all)

    From previous posts in the forum I gathered that Yodobashi is
    usually a good place to check out regarding a broad selection of
    G's. But does anyone here know if they also sell the higher end
    models (in particular the MRG-8100B)?

    In particular, do they have models from the MRG available in all of
    their stores (maybe there is a possibility to check their stock

    Any hint is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Experience with buying G's in Japan?

    It's late here, so I'll be brief.

    I live in Japan and always buy Gs here.

    The prices charged by Chino, Seiya and Higuchi are, I think, very reasonable considering they will include credit card charges and delivery. Especially so for Seiya as selling watches is a hobby for him, so his profit margins may be considerably less than the others.

    Yodobashi, Bic camera, Sakuraya, etc. have good, broad choices, but each store will carry different stock. You'll have to shop around. Prices are good, too. Generally 30% off retail for standard models, usually 20% off for specials. BEWARE: retail prices in Japan are different from retail prices in other countries. That and exchange rate fluctuations means you may get a better deal in your home country. Generally, the US has cheaper watches with the current rates on standard models.

    Yes, you can get high end Gs:


    Stock is low on the MRG-8100B, so be quick!

    It's just easier to do your shopping online. No need for running around the stores, if you can get it online that is. Some stores will carry stock that isn't online.

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    Re: Experience with buying G's in Japan?

    I think visiting a stand-alone G-Shock store would be the experience of a lifetime. As for advice, I have none but I wish you well on your travels and purchases!
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    Re: Experience with buying G's in Japan?

    Hmm, if prices for Gs are better in the states, I think I would look for vintage Seikos.....that place must be a gold mine....I'd love a GS!

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    Re: Experience with buying G's in Japan?

    I wasn't in Tokyo, but Osaka. I picked up a gw-m5600bc for about $170 at Yodabashi, which was cheaper than the online outlets from the States. Found higher end models as well, but some of the higher end JDM editions seemed more expensive.

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    Re: Experience with buying G's in Japan?

    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewSo View Post
    I think visiting a stand-alone G-Shock store would be the experience of a lifetime.
    It certainly is...


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