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    F-91W Batttery Change

    it was a bit more trickier that I expected but the procedure was a success after all.

    Here we go, we need first a F-91W

    four screws for a size 000 Philips screwdriver

    remove the screws and the case back

    hmm, that looks strange
    ok, I have seen it before, the paper is to avoid any metallic part other than the two levers for the alarm, otherwise the would shortcut and the alarm would not work at all, so never remove the paper, and even if you do replace it with an equal size one self adhesive.

    but how to remove the battery from in there?

    it looks impossible, can it be? a casio that a battery can not be replaced? no, I dont think so
    so lets remove the whole module from in there

    sweet little face

    aha, what are those four levers around the module? four levers holding the whole battery cover from the sides on the module, simple and stable I would say

    so lets start poping up those levers with a flat screwdriver

    one up three more to go

    2 up and 2 more left

    and the battery cover is finally released

    you can see clearly see the 4 levers holding the cover in that one

    just notice that the battery is stuck by a tiny little double sided black tape on the top side of the module, a little force and its lose free.

    put a new battery and place the cover on the module, click all four levers to secure the cover on the module

    to put the module back in the case you should remove the rubber seal first

    make sure that all the buttons are pushed out before attempting to force the module in, as you see the button on the right is in and would not be possible to push in the module

    while putting back the module push with a flat screwdriver the pushbutton levers of the module inwards so they will let the module to slide in position

    put back the seal and screw the caseback and you are ready
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    Re: F-91W Batttery Change

    Thanks for the tutorial! I may need that info some day. :thanks

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    Re: F-91W Batttery Change

    Superb tutorial - copied to 'Articles & Tutorials'.
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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