F91 replacement who owns unusual ones?
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Thread: F91 replacement who owns unusual ones?

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    F91 replacement who owns unusual ones?

    I don't have F91. I used to and it been with me in some life changing experiences.
    I do have F105 an F158. Not my pic.
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    F105 was around since late 2012 and strap is broke (no warning whatsoever). It's been good watch and frankly if i find strap for 5-7$ i will replace it.
    If not, i will grab another F105. I like these. Some people do it too
    Casio F-105 watch. Classic in form and function.

    Over the time Casio produced several models with same functionality but different design.
    I can name W-87h
    Which is officially cheapest Casio in Canada but i saw chines knock off one time in thrift store. F91 is not alone in that.
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    The other one i can recall is
    Casio W57
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    and F10-1A which probably thinest digital Casio watch as today.
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    Some people here rock W217

    So who else uses simple F91 like (functionally) watch and what you see as slim simple replacement?

    So far for me it's either F91/105/158 or W217
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    It should be special!

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    Re: F91 replacement who owns unusual ones?

    Ot:You can use 18mm nylon nato straps on your f105. I got mine for a whopping $1 from ebay (china seller)

    Btt: aside from the f105w, my other fave cheapo casio is my b640w (also with aftermarket straps)

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    Re: F91 replacement who owns unusual ones?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket1991 View Post
    That was a great review. The F-105 is an improved F91W.

    As far as duplicating the functions, the W-87 is attractive, but in many ways, I prefer not having a front light button, especially for a thin watch, which only has three buttons. Because that light button also functions as a reset button, after the bottom left mode button is pressed. And sometimes that will happen by accident. Ymmv, but this is helped by wearing a Nato/Zulu, or vlecro strap.

    If only JaysAndKays would make bullbars for these minimal squares. Yes, it's weird spending more on the bars than on the watch (referring to the F91W), but you could say the same about the strap upgrades too.

    There is just something about the old school squares that is just right. They are pure essence of Casio.

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    Re: F91 replacement who owns unusual ones?

    Casio had HD analog model with bullbars. Looked proper and way above it's price.

    W87 is much bigger, but still good fit. Casio has model with "classic" 3 button layout which also all over Walmart.
    b640 is available and i tried blackened one.
    I used F105 as gym companion and used it around molten metal, poisonous chemicals and some other things where yep i need time but comfort and slim profile come first.
    Nato sound good but simple plastic band is perfect for me. If i come across one i will try it.
    For more hip occasions i have F158.
    It should be special!

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