failure on alarm buzzer survey

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    failure on alarm buzzer survey

    share your experience, did you had a faulty alarm buzzer?
    and what was the reason for it?
    did you manage to fix it by getting a new caseback?

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    Re: failure on alarm buzzer survey

    The other day i got to change a battery on a G2500.
    There was no sound after that.
    I open it up to check and found the battery clasp opened.
    Probably i did not close it properly.
    It now works fine.

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    Re: failure on alarm buzzer survey

    had the problem before and could fix it by pressing another caseback (ergo with another pieto speaker) onto the module, and it was making sound again. due to different sizes of the casebacks i couldnt screw it on, so the problem is still there, but no i know the reason, the speaker must be damaged.
    gerry fonklover

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