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    This just popped up on the bay. Needless to say, I am very much disgusted :

    New Casio G-Shock Watch Metal silver Band MTG 1500 - eBay (item 260726795058 end time Jan-30-11 17:03:48 PST)

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    Yeah I already contacted the seller and reported it to Ebay. Not like either of those things will help. I have reported a number of fake G-shocks to sellers and the few that have said "OH NO thanks for telling me I had no idea" and took it down were the ones that seem to sell a bunch of pawn shop type stuff. This seller is selling a bunch of random stuff which I only assume he bought cheap some place and is selling so likely has no idea it's a fake.

    Case closed: Thanks for contacting me. I do NOT want to sell counterfeit items. I purchased this watch previously from another seller on Ebay and assumed it was authentic. How do you know it is a fake? what do you see from my pictures and listing that makes you think it is a fake? Thanks for your help.

    This is the response I got and the seller took down the listing. See a little self governing on Ebay could go a long way if we all chip in and make it known to those who don't have the knowledge we have of the product. There are those that make a good amount of cash on Ebay by buying low and selling high but it doesn't always work out evidenced by this response.
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    Re: Fake mtg!

    Nicely done.

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