On the fence; mtg s1000 or 1030
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Thread: On the fence; mtg s1000 or 1030

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    On the fence; mtg s1000 or 1030

    Got a email from a online watch shop saying the 1030 are back in stock, I had completely forgotten about this watch til that email last week and I've been looking at pics all week now especially gripmaster's unboxing the beast thread. But I can't decide between the the 1030 and the basic silver one the only thing that has put me on the fence about is the wear and tear on the black coating, what would you guys do

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    Re: On the fence; mtg s1000 or 1030

    I have the basic black 1000 and it seems pretty durable. I'm sure someone here could tell you all about ion plating and how durable it is. My understanding is that the ion plating process actually bonds molecularly with the steel and makes it more scratch-resistant than plain stainless. Of course, if you seriously gouge it, it's going to show. You may not want to wear it while working on your car, for example. But I've dinged mine on walls and such and have yet to see a scratch on it.

    The MTG is a fine watch, to be sure. I have the silver one, too, and to this day it's the only G I have ever worn that has received an unsolicited compliment from a stranger. Unlike the black one, though, I have noticed tiny scratches on the bezel if I look at it very closely under a bright lamp. But under normal circumstances, it looks fine. It's just part of what gives it character, as far as I am concerned.

    Edit: I added this photo, and in bright sunlight you can see what I am talking about:

    Detail: Actually, this looks pretty horrible!

    But it's really not so bad. Indoors, or in dimmer light, it looks fine:


    I usually wear the silver at night because it's so blingy — it really does look stunning under most conditions — so it's not a big deal, but worth noting.

    Also worth noting is that I have not abused it in any way, shape, or form. Those scratches are from regular, casual wear, and the occasional wall scrape. Something to think about.

    But let's face it: We WUSers are the only ones who are going to be scrutinizing our watches this much. I don't think anyone else is going to notice.
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    Re: On the fence; mtg s1000 or 1030

    I have both of those. I like the silver more, but many prefer the black. The silver is still my most photogenic watch.

    Different days and lighting of course.

    As a heads up, another silver is coming out with the face and red inner straps of the mtg1030.

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    Re: On the fence; mtg s1000 or 1030

    We own the bright finish. Got it in March. Like it a lot. Also looked at the black at the time of purchase, but we are a bit like a crow: we like shiny things.

    We trudge on.
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    Re: On the fence; mtg s1000 or 1030

    Get the 1030 whilst you still can, it's a fantastic piece, the 1000 is still pretty cheap on Rakuten £460 plus the usual import costs. I got my 1030 from Watchshop but it was much cheaper when they had them in stock before....

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