Final Purchase of 2011 Arrives - DW-8250WC-7AT
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Thread: Final Purchase of 2011 Arrives - DW-8250WC-7AT

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    Final Purchase of 2011 Arrives - DW-8250WC-7AT

    I went and collected my latest addition this afternoon from the post office. It was extremely well packaged and had absolutely no indication it had recently been flown all the way from Japan. After fighting my way through the layers of bubble wrap that had been taped around it by some Egyptian embalmer from several centuries past, I eventually got to my prize.

    It's not usually like me to gamble on buying a NOS watch that I had only seen one picture of but I'm glad my wariness was ignored this time. To be fair, I had purchased my MIS Fisherman from the same store a few weeks ago and that was in exactly the same pristine condition when it got to me.

    To my surprise it also came with some sort of receipt that looks like it shows it has had a battery replacement and test with Casio Japan in 2009 (thats my best guess as I can't read Japanese and it's an official receipt from Casio for 4200 Yen).

    The fact that it's a stainless steel case and not titanium is apparent as soon as you pick it up. It really feels nice and solid and although heavier, sits nicely on the wrist with a presence befitting of its quality. The screwback still has the protective sticker on, which is a good thing as it has quite a few small scratches on it, probably from the (suspected) battery change.

    I think that's enough jibber-jabber though, so onto the pics...

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    Re: Final Purchase of 2011 Arrives - DW-8250WC-7AT

    Beautiful! Congrats.
    Really like this frog.


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    Re: Final Purchase of 2011 Arrives - DW-8250WC-7AT

    Beautiful example of this watch! I love the WCCS editions. I wish that the casebacks were matte instead of polished, though, because the polished casebacks are IMPOSSIBLE to keep scratch-free

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    Re: Final Purchase of 2011 Arrives - DW-8250WC-7AT

    Very nice. I like that one. Wear it in good health.

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    Re: Final Purchase of 2011 Arrives - DW-8250WC-7AT

    i cant believe how clear the resin is, usually at that age they are yellowed beyond recognition.

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