Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)
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Thread: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

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    Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    Firstly a big thank you to everyone on the forum who has assisted me over the last month or so. There have been two or three threads where I have sought advice on different watches for a holiday activity beater. Pool, beach, outdoor activities, hiking etc as I'll be travelling from the UK to California for a month later this year.

    I have never actually owned a G-Shock but for a combination of features, price and durability for the type of watch I was looking for to fit this purpose, it is the brand I kept coming back to. One watch that was under consideration was the Nixon Regulus but with its negative display and the advice and comments I received on the G-Shock square negative displays, it was soon ruled out.

    I was looking at the GA-2000 but without either Solar or Multi Band 6 there really was no love for that range. The full metal square stainless steel was just too bling and scratch prone for a beater, as much as I liked the watch and as you may have seen, it was the condition of the display model in the London G-Shock store that put me off that.

    A lot of the G-Shocks I found just looked too big for my 7" wrist and I really don't need a whole host of features that many of the models provide.

    So, last night I made an executive decision and pulled the trigger on the GW-M5160 and today it arrived . For £75 delivered, MB6, Solar, World Time and a positive display, I really didn't think I could go wrong. I think it fits and suits my wrist quite nicely and will complement the Bernhardt Corsair GMT I will be collecting when I arrive in CA which I will use for the more casual smart things we do. Although I will probably wear the 5610 for some of those also.

    When looking, I also considered the GW-5000 as I know from research with the softer band, screw back DLC SS case and the slightly larger size it seems to be the grail of the squares, however for its intended purpose I really couldn't justify almost 4 times the cost (and the wait due to zero availability in the UK) to go for it above the 5160.

    If there is one very small point I don't like about it then it would only be that the world and local time can't be displayed at the same time on this model but the last month has taught me there is not one perfect watch in every sense.

    I just have two questions for owners of the 5160...

    1. Did you change the strap or stick with the factory band? If you did change it, to what and how?
    2. Do you bother with the screen protector films that are available for this model to protect the glass?

    So here it is, my very first G-Shock:

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    Re: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    Very nice Indeed! My first 5610 was a negative display model with the combi bracelet, so I don't have any experience with that strap unless it was the same as the one on the gw-5000 1jf. If so stick with it, I believe they are inter-changable. Plus you can get aftermarket ones too. Again a great choice! Enjoy!

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    Re: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    I predict you are gonna like that one a lot. It is my favorite of all my watches. I wear it more than any other watch since I got it. It is a dead ringer for the original and I kinda of find it at home anywhere. I find the band to be quite comfortable and no I did not put anything on the crystal, it's a Gshock. Congrats!
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    Re: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    Nice watch. The GW-M5610 is the ultimate beater watch. It is versatile to even wear in an office setting and fits under a shirt sleeve.

    A citizen Skyhawk would have been the watch to get if you wanted to display UK time and Pacific time (the time in CA) at the same time


    That would have been a lot more quid then the G-Shock

    It is a G-Shock so beatings and scratches to the case and crystal are not only what the watch was created for but also makes it look(in my mind) cooler. It is sort of like a Jeep or Land Rover Defender or a pickup truck where the more dings and dents the better looking the truck is because those dings and dents tell of a story.

    That said, I think you can get bull bar protectors for this model. These are metal bars that will help to protect the screen of the watch. They were popular in the 1980's and 1990's with G-Shocks

    Enjoy your trip.
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    Re: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    perfect vacawatch
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    Re: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    Great watch! It was my first G-Shock as well and Iím wearing it right now.

    I liked reading your journey and decision on this one. Itís a nice size and has a lot of good features. Definitely a wonderful value.

    Iíve had mine for a couple of years now and itís on the OEM strap. It fits my 6.5Ē wonderfully. I donít have a screen protector on mine. I wear this 5610 for rough-and-tumble activities and havenít had any scratches or any other issues.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for sharing it.
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    Re: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    The GW-5000 strap is softer and more flexible than the stock strap on the GW-M5610.

    There are many digital G models that can display a second time zone on the main timekeeping screen (so-called "dual time"), but the GW-M5610 isn't one of them.

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    Re: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    Screen protectors are unnecessary as the proud standing bezel stops any issues from contacting the glass.....besides, the protectors are ugly, promote glare and bubbles underneath and they scratch like the plastic they are.

    Casio Combi bracelet on my GW-M5610BA

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    Re: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    That's an absolute classic for a first G-Shock! Well done. Don't worry about your points 1 and 2 - my advice is enjoy it as it is. I gave mine away to a close friend and he loves it.

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    Re: Finally pulled the trigger on my vacation activity beater (with pic)

    Grats. I changed the strap (and bezel) to the blue jelly. Looked great but the original strap is much more comfortable. So I changed it back and got a red bezel.

    As for screen protector, I don't like those. Don't use them on my phone as well. I don't see the sunken crystal getting scratched easily. I did get bullguards but more for a cosmetic reason.

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