First days with STB-1000
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Thread: First days with STB-1000

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    First days with STB-1000

    I've been looking for a SGW-100 replacement for over two years. I like the watch a lot, have worn it for over three years, but stopwatch is not 24 hrs and I don't like the sliver bezel ring. Tough to find something in my price range (relatively cheap) that has the features I need. I always wished Casio would make a SGW-100 with a black bezel. The other day I'm on Casio's website and I see the ad for the SGW-1000 bluetooth watch, check out the features and realize it's got what I need -- even before bluetooth craziness is taken into account. I'm a cyclist as well, somewhat addicted to Strava and always considering a move away from ANT+ sensors with Garmin computer and going with short range bluetooth stuff so I can use Strava exclusively.

    Turns out the STB-1000 (sort of) works (more below) with Cyclemeter and Wahoo Fitness as well as the native Casio app, which provides a watchfinder feature. When in range, you press the upper right button and the sound of your choice plays on your misplaced iphone.

    I've only had the watch a few days, but some things seem pretty clear in terms of functionality. Pros and cons listed below.


    -- Great upgrade over the SGW-100, despite new button press procedures. Vibe alert available, 99 hr STW and 24 hr timer are key for me
    -- current time visible in all key modes
    -- excellent display, regular battery! no solar!
    -- 5 alarms, loud, vibe alarm pretty strong
    -- nice looking, finally a SGW-100 replacement design I like
    -- lots of customization with various apps, including the Casio Watch app, which notifies the watch of email, text messages, phone messages etc.


    -- 10 bar wr only, not a deal breaker for me
    -- I tested with cyclemeter and wahoo fitness and was able to get output from these apps to display on the watch, including heart rate from the Wahoo Fitness blue HRM. However, there seem to be some issues with bluetooth connection dropping out even when I am well within range.
    -- Right now it looks like only one app at a time will work with the watch, and even then you need to clear out the sensor info from the phone AND watch to make this work.
    -- documentation thin for the various apps, you'll have to work through it, but I'm guessing things will improve in time.
    -- example: went for a ride today and the STB-1000 connection to cyclemeter dropped out even though the iphone was in my rear jersey pocket, well within range.

    Lots of promise with the cycling/running apps, we'll see how that goes. As noted, however, I like the watch more for the standard stuff that Casio does so well. The bluetooth junk is fun to mess around with -- I have successfully tested the phone finder from across the room. That's definitely useful to me since I misplace my iphone all the time.


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    Re: First days with STB-1000

    Thanks for the (AFAIK) first review here on the forum of the STB-1000. Seems interesting indeed even without the BT.

    cheers, Sedi

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    Re: First days with STB-1000

    Quote Originally Posted by Sedi View Post
    Thanks for the (AFAIK) first review here on the forum of the STB-1000. Seems interesting indeed even without the BT.

    cheers, Sedi
    Yeah, it looks very cool.

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