First G-Shocks, which one? DILEMMA

Thread: First G-Shocks, which one? DILEMMA

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    First G-Shocks, which one? DILEMMA


    My apologies for starting another "what watches would suit me best" thread. I would not even ask, because I was sure that I am buying GW-4000 1ER "Hulk" in a near time but someone here brought up their dimensions. They are BIG. My wrist is only 16 cm I guess that is 6.3" tiny...

    Would they fit? Or would they look ridiculous on my tiny wrist.
    Are there any models with functions similar to 4000's?

    I was told at public forum, you guys around here would help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: First G-Shocks, which one? DILEMMA

    To me the 1st analogue watch in the Aviator series is still the best when it comes to features (24 hr timer and 24 hr stopwatch for instance) - the GW-2000 and it's rather small for a G. But the design is completely different to a GW-4000.

    cheers, Sedi

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    Re: First G-Shocks, which one? DILEMMA

    Also, the GW3000 actually has similar functions to the 4000. It is smaller but taller.

    If you search the thread "GW4000's" in one of the first posts there is a link to JonL's thread where he first got his hulk and he goes on to do a comparison between the 3000, 3500, and 4000.

    I don't remember the actual name of his thread, just how to get there. Hope this helps.
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