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    Four Gs Pic

    Here is a pic of few Gs.

    On top, my latest acquisition a G-7301B-8V a Tough Solar with a nice case of black and gray. On the bottom row, two G-350 a blue dial on the left and a dark brown dial on the right. These watches are big and bold. There is a lot of action on their dial. In the center, a Japanese model, a classic G-5600 with Tough solar and Wave ceptor. During the night when I sleep, here in Montréal, it receives the satellite signal most of the time while the watch is on my wrist. When I don't get the signal, it's annoying me

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    Re: Four Gs Pic

    VERY nice

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    Wink Re: Four Gs Pic

    Hi Jean-Pierre,

    Looks like you like Square G's! Nice picture!



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