Fox Fire DW-6900WC-2BT
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Thread: Fox Fire DW-6900WC-2BT

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    Fox Fire DW-6900WC-2BT

    got this in yesterday, but just didnt have the umph to take pics after taking care of things. as mentioned in SodaMonkey's low bid thread, i got this as the only bidder. came home from work and i had a package on my Lab desk, YAY! then i look at it,,,rut roh, cheap envelope and its kind of beat up.

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    ok, its in a box and plastic egg, it will be fine, i say to myself. open it up and,,,,,,the screen is blank. jumping Jiminey Crickets i mutter (not really, add your own colorful advectives). deep breath, be calm. battery, yeah thats it, battery. break out the tool kit and surgery begins.

    BING!!! Alive! i wipe my furrowed brow and relax. i emailed the seller letting him know what happened and asked if he had any issues with it. despite at the late hour he replies immediately. he said it was fine when he took the pics, then boxed it up awaiting a sale. he offers to reimburse be for the cost of a battery change. i told him lets call it $3 for the battery and all is good, it took me no time at all to do the swap and i was going to open her anyway to lube the O-ring. next thing i know i get $5 back and he was very apologetic and thankful i got it working as someone else could have returned it costing him return postage (it had free shipping to me), having it checked/battery and selling it again. win win.

    so without further adieu~

    Korean Jelly 6900 with a side of Manta Ray.

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    and i actually remembered to take a pic of the back light.

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    Re: Fox Fire DW-6900WC-2BT

    Like it mate!!

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    Re: Fox Fire DW-6900WC-2BT

    Looks nice.
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    Re: Fox Fire DW-6900WC-2BT

    Wow, jelly G. Very good!

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    Re: Fox Fire DW-6900WC-2BT


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