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    Frog battery question?

    If you have to replace the battery on a Frogman, and do not have it done and re-pressure tested by either Casio or a qualified repair facility (like "Casio Sales and Serv" in CA), do you then loose the ISO standard as far as water proofing that makes the Frog dive rated as compared to other Gs?

    In other words if you get a second hand one, but a battery in it yourself once it needs one, have you then just killed what makes a Frog so special (aside from it's other features obviously) as far as being a dive watch, if it is not pressure tested to re-certify it then?

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    Re: Frog battery question?

    I do not know what all goes into making any watch ISO certified, and what may need to be done after a battery change to retain the certification. However, for personal use I do not think it makes much difference. As long as you are careful, re-grease the o-ring, etc, and make sure all goes together properly, it should work great for you.

    Good luck!

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