Frogman for $1,450?

Thread: Frogman for $1,450?

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    Question Frogman for $1,450?

    Uh....someone just posted a Real Black Frogman on the sales forum for $1,450, what do ya'll think about that? G-Shox amaze me...some collector's will spend upwards of $1200 on a collectable 5600...but then turn down an addict, brazillian, or Real Black Frogman for $400 (too much, right?). And then there is the unpredictable factor: what G-Shock is hot, which color, make, model, etc. I can never tell how valuable any of my G-Shocks are. One day everyone wants a Revman, the next you can't sell is for $260 bucks...

    Ultmately, it all amuses me and is why I love these damn watches. Personally, I think $1,450 for any G-Shock is absurd...but then again i've made some pretty absurd G-Shock purchases in my day.

    What do the people think?? :-D
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    Re: Frogman for $1,450?

    $250 is the max I have or will ever spend

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    Re: Frogman for $1,450?

    ?!?!? $1450.00 ?!?!? ....:-X I can get a used Seiko Marine Master for that price. :-D

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    Re: Frogman for $1,450?

    i got an offer for less than half the price and pass on it...maybe it is achievable 10 years down?

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    Re: Frogman for $1,450?

    I think it's best to buy Frogman when they are released. The Brazilian costed just over $200,- after release and was quiet long available, along with Blalck spots.

    The Real Black is pretty rare, but I believe G-Shock's were released to be affordable, and $1450,- I can't count afordable annymore (actually I stop normally above $250,-). Only a LCD backplate, a painted ring and a different bezel makes a $1200,- difference?

    Maybe it's just wait until the Japanese G-Shock hype started beginning this year will end... Maybe Frogman will be available for afforadable prices again. For the rest, I think discussing prices on Fora like these will only drive prices up.

    Just my $0.02

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    Re: Frogman for $1,450?


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    Re: Frogman for $1,450?

    I'm feeling eager to check out Sky's RB Froggie, just to see what the fuss is all about

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    Re: Frogman for $1,450?

    There is an excellent Alpina on the sales forum right now which is an excellent watch and there's no interest at 975$!It was one of the most impressive pieces in Basel 2006...I don't know the seller but he started at 1250$ and going down at 975$, which is a great bargain for such a timepiece, interest at all! So how can we talk about a 1450$'s crazy

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    Re: Frogman for $1,450?

    If I was rich, I will not pay this price, I prefer travel in Japan and buy by myself.
    1500$ for a watch like G-shock, lol

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    HI All,

    Iam the seller that has the 'Real Black Frogman' listed for sale for '$1500 USD' on the sales forum.

    I have been asked not to mention the seller that i bought this real black frogman from, i will only say that he is a well known g-shock collector that use to live in Japan, i think you know the person i am talking about.

    Yes i also can't believe the price that some G-Shock's go for, but i would like to make back what i paid for this g-shock. I have had offers of $300 and $500 for my 'Real Black Frogman', this just makes me and also makes me think that i should start selling my hole collection before they are all worth nothing and only fit for throwing away.

    It looks like if i don't start selling my G-Shock's i will only get back far far less than i paid for them. But iam even having problems just trying to do this.

    That is all for now. .
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