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  • Yes. I own a Frogman for diving and that's why I have it.

    0 0%
  • I dive with my Frogman but it's a great casual watch too!

    7 14.89%
  • The only water my Frogman has seen is in the shower.

    27 57.45%
  • Why own a Frogman if you aren't a Frogman!

    13 27.66%
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Thread: Frogman Poll! Why do you own one/want one?

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    Re: Frogman Poll! Why do you own one/want one?

    I own one and enjoy wearing it almost every day. I dive a whole lot but never with the froggy.
    Other than the pressure tested case they dont really offer much to a recreational diver IMHO.
    Better off with a D4 for about the same $.

    As a day to day watch for use on a construction site six days a week....well it's a G. Perfect.


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    Re: Frogman Poll! Why do you own one/want one?

    They finally started packing in some features that I'd always wanted... making my buy-finger a bit itchy. But they keep raising the price rather considerably. I wear a dive watch for diving and for what you pay on this one, you can get so much more dive related functionality in a very impressive Citizen (which is what I'd take instead). All of those pressure tests beyond 300' look impressive, but I know I'll never be going that far... no more than 110'. Maybe if I was doing triox diving, I'd take along a froggie.
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