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    Frogman Question

    As I have been looking for my first G-Shock, my attention keeps getting drawn towards the Frogman style. It seems to be a very nice looking watch with desirable features. It also seems to be very popular. As far as I can tell, this watch has been discontinued. Is there a reason for this? I am just wondering why Casio would discontinue what appears to be a very popular style.

    I am also looking for some education here. I am torn between dropping $50 for a Mudman and $300+ for a Frogman. Are all Frogman watches "Japan Made" and of superior quality? Does this along with the limited availability contribute to the higher prices?

    If I decided to go after a Frogman, what would be my best place to look for one? I have been primarily checking e-bay and the sales forum here.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Re: Frogman Question

    As a frogman fan, I should try to answer your questions.

    It is similar to Rolex's strategy in selling their stainless steel Daytona i.e. keeping the popularity and rareness of a specific model in a hope that it will lead the others' sales performance. I remember I had questioned this before but a salesman of a famourous watchshop asked me if the stainless steel Daytona could be found anywhere, would you still chase it up everyday? In the customer point of view, it is not good. But it is quite a common strategy in keeping a product or model ever hot.

    However, Casio will issue new frogman model from time to time though they will still limit its quantity.

    Both muddie and froggie are good. But if you want to have more eye catching watch and enjoy the feeling of owning a relatively rare G's, then go for frogman. Otherwise, any models can do.

    Above is my humble opinion.

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    Wink Re: Frogman Question

    If you like the Frogman, buy a frogman, if you like athe Mudman, buy the mudman. The new Mudman has about the same, or even more and better functions than the Frogman, but the frogman looks just awesome, if you like it.

    In size the Mudman is significant smaller, the Frogman is about the largest G-Shock that's available (amongst some other rare older G's).

    I think that Wah has written it very nice. Both watches are 200m (20bar) water resist. The Frogman is ISO certified, but you can dive with both safely to about 50m. I don't think many people dive that deep. I think that during diving the dynamic pressure might fluctuate maybe around 1 bar, so I won't worry too much about difference in quality.

    And if you like and can afford the $300.- FROGMAN, you can also buy a Mudman as an extra watch for everyday use.


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    Re: Frogman Question

    Buy what you like. Both are excellent watches.

    The G-9000 Mudman is a functional masterpiece. Great mud resistance. Awesome strap. Very legible. Full-featured module.

    The Frogman is quite different though. Titanium case. HUGE size. Solar power. Similarly featured, although older module.

    If you just want a "beater", I'd go for the Mudman. For something very unique looking, and with tons of wrist presence, the Frogman is in a league of its own.

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    Re: Frogman Question

    i would agree with everyone here. as a newbie, ive been reading about the mudman and frogman. i realized that the mudman is the best for the price to be a beater while if i were to buy a frogman, it will only get limited wrist time. since im broke as hell, mudman the best choice and no worrying bout getting abused. also, from the both pic posted from Buzzbait, both can be used to hold dip(preferably salsa) for chip.
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