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    Frozen G-1200BD

    Bought one last month in Thailand. Great watch, a little on the heavy side, ESPECIALLY if your used to something like a Mudman :) you defiantly know your wearing the watch, which I like.
    Very solid watch, lume is decent enough, not as powerfull as my Seiko Monster, but still quite decent. The stop watch is a bit of a disappointment...only 24mins max time???

    Did two dives with it while in Thailand, both to around 25m, sweated like a pig with it on in Phuket's humidity, everything still 100% exactly what you would expect from a g-shock.

    Back home now I decided to dot he freeze test, that I did with my Mudman as well (

    The G-1200BD before being frozen

    Back of the watch, nice and solid

    Into the container with water

    Into the deep freeze :)

    Left it overnight.
    Frozen solid.

    With the Mudman

    You could see the second hand ticking over normally, watch lost no time.

    Comparing the time to the Mudman

    Slowly coming out of the ice

    Almost out of the ice

    Out of the ice and working perfectly!

    Not bad for a aviator's watch :)

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    Re: Frozen G-1200BD

    interesting experiment and nice photos. now is it time for some boiling water?

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    Re: Frozen G-1200BD

    Quote Originally Posted by phazer View Post
    Not bad for a aviator's watch :)
    An aviator's watch with 200m water resist and shock resist all in one package is very very impressive. especially the 200m water resist part. not many pilot watches offer that extra layer of protection.

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    Re: Frozen G-1200BD

    Pretty neat stuff, thanks for posting.

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