G-100: how do I adjust analog time?
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Thread: G-100: how do I adjust analog time?

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    G-100: how do I adjust analog time?

    I am a long time reader but first time poster. Today I took delivery of a new Casio G-100 watch. For $20.00 USD I made an impulse buy. I like it so far but am having trouble adjusting the analog dial to the correct time. It came to me one hour ahead of my local time. I adjusted the digital portion with no problem but instructions are unclear on how to adjust the analog time. I have done a google search of both WUS and the wider web but havent found the info I need. All I found was to press the H-SET button and it will advance the minute hand 20 seconds with each press, that wont get me very far very fast...

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: G-100: how do I adjust analog time?

    Just hold the button down and the hands move fairly fast. They only move in the forward direction though so make sure you don't overshoot as you will have to go round again if you do.

    Single press moves it 20 secs a time as you know.

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    Re: G-100: how do I adjust analog time?

    Thanks. That helps.

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