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    G 1000 Chrono

    I just got a G-1000-7ADR and it's AWESOME! One of my favorite looking G's, definitely. One thing bugs me: the second hand. In normal timekeeping mode, the second hand is one of the little dials rather than the traditional one. Is there anyway to set the watch for it to use the big second hand? It's weird to me to have an analog with the second hand frozen.

    I'll post pics when I find my chord to my camera!
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    Re: G 1000 Chrono

    That is fairly normal on chronos. When I wear my G1000H I just start the stopwatch and that way I use the second for timing things during the day. I really cant see the small seconds dial and have to wear my reading glasses every time I set it. Also at the end of the day I just hit the reset button and get to watch the timer hands motor back to there normal locations.

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    Re: G 1000 Chrono

    Quote Originally Posted by jiro32 View Post
    Is there anyway to set the watch for it to use the big second hand? It's weird to me to have an analog with the second hand frozen.
    Just don't think of it as a seconds hand in normal operation. It is usual for a chronograph to use the large hand for critical timing, and the smaller hand for less-critical timing. It makes sense and it's just a matter of adjusting to a new normality.
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    Re: G 1000 Chrono

    I have the stainless bracelet white face version 1000D-7AVDR and I love mine as well. Setting it is fairly complex, so I'd download the manual for sure. One of the underrated G's out there if you like a traditional look. The stainless one looks quite formal as G's go. Here is mine on an ugly background
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