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    G-2210-1V - - - Fake?


    I looked at his history and they're selling for not much. I'd assume they're fakers, but man they look good from a far but most likely far from good.

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    Re: G-2210-1V - - - Fake?

    It's a stock photo so it is hard to tell. I have that model but it doesn't get all that much wrist time, no CDT . My only real concern would be the feedack rating. Myself, I usually don't deal with people who have less than 98.5% positive feedback. So far I have had no bad deals, but that is my own rule or guideline if you will.

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    Re: G-2210-1V - - - Fake?

    The model is real. I had that same watch a while back but I sold it as it didn't have the features that I liked and the greyish bezel around the crystal is actually a painted surface. The paint wears off after a while and didn't look very good. I think that's why you can get it for so cheap, it's not a very popular model.
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