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    G-300 troubleshooting

    Hello, I've got a G-300 that had dead batteries. I got a couple of replacement batteries, and had little trouble installing them. When I replaced the batteries I noted the sticker that reads "After battery replacement contact AC with terminal (-) using tweezers." On this mechanism, the negative terminal of the batteries is inaccessible. I've looked all over the web, and found many tutorials on other G Shock models, but not this one. I can't find where to access that negative terminal. There is a "(-)" mark on the AC plate at the one o'clock position when looking at the back of the mechanism, and using a paperclip I shorted it to the AC plate for ten seconds, but the watch is still dead. I did measure the voltage of the new batteries and they are good. Is there another position I should try to access that negative terminal from? Is there something else I should try? If it's got to go to Casio, what general range of cost am I looking at?

    Here's a pic:

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    Re: G-300 troubleshooting

    It looks like you did everything right.

    You shure that you shortened the gold AC Pad with the metal plate?
    Depending on your living area:
    Here in Germany Casio takes a quite high fee for looking at the watch.
    Usually the repair is not worth the money for an old G. :(

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    Re: G-300 troubleshooting

    Did you use the gold plate near the edge of the module or the inner one? I guess I'm a little unsure as to which it is haha.

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    Re: G-300 troubleshooting

    If you can see the GOLD pad just at the edge near the AC, that is the AC terminal. Remember just focus on the gold pad at the edge near the AC mark. The whole metal plate where you see (-) and the AC mark stamped is actually the negative terminal.

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