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    hi, just a piece of info, today i spoke to a sales rep from casio in dover nj,he told me that the g-5500srf and the basic line of 5500's are out of production[discontinued] also the ga-110 in green and the aqua blue is also out of production...so guys if u had plans and been contenplating getting either models hurry up....i was also told that the in4mation 6900 was also going to be a limited edition in the us along with the others g-lide 6900's....just a bit of info i was told today..god bless and have a great weekend...
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    Re: g-5500-srf

    Yes most G-Shocks have a short run in production. Casio manufacture watches in batches. My experience is that most models gets 2-4 batches (1000-5000 units in each batch) produced in a 2 month period. Then it gets discontinued, but this do not mean it will not be sold anymore. Most watches are still plentiful in the markets for several months and sometime even more then a year after casio stopped production. It depends on the popularity of the model how fast sources dry up. The GA-110 are very popular models so by the end of summer we might see it become more rare. Since they came out in April and if we follow the 2 month scheme then production was April-may and then it was discontinued.

    Sometimes if demand is high casio starts producing additional batches in the future, this happened to the original fall 2008 Crazy colors that was produced in August-September 2008 but was produced in more numbers in the summer of 2009 before being discontinued again.
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