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    G-7510 advice needed

    I've found G7510 here in malaysia (online) cheap. Guess I might give it a try as my first G. It got the 'not so tacky' design of other Gs.

    After reading around, I found that not all Gs have long strap. I have a 8.5" wrist, will the 7510 fits me?

    I've worn regular casio digital before (AE1200, W87) and both fits me at the 3rd to last hole on the strap. But regular casio strap is thin, my worry is that G-7510 strap is too thick and not so flexible it won't fit me. Without no chance to try it on, hence this thread...

    BTW I'm not bothered by the case size as my daily wear is a 39mm seiko 5...

    Here's a wrist shot my wrist with casio W87

    I also can buy G7600 & G2900 for around the same price... But the 7510 is my favourite.
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