G-9300GY Availability in the UK/Europe?

Thread: G-9300GY Availability in the UK/Europe?

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    G-9300GY Availability in the UK/Europe?

    Hi Guys
    Been a while since I posted, but Im always lurking :)

    Anyway Im in the market for a new G-Shock, and the UK being the stale/bland marketplace Im struggling to find any g-shocks other than the dozen models that are repeated in the various stores in Manchester.

    I would like a G-9300GY, and I can put my hands on a G-9300-1ER for around £130, but Im struggling to find the 'Smokey Grey'

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, or do I need to find something else to focus my needs on :)

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    Re: G-9300GY Availability in the UK/Europe?

    Like you've already said you can find the stock one, but neither have I seen the grey nor atomic model anywhere. House of Fraser have just started carrying G's so try them out. My local one has a white 8900, not sure for how long though, I may just have to treat myself.
    Im out shopping over the next couple of days if I come across one I'll let ya know.
    It's a G thing


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