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    Re: G-Aviation GW3500B-1A Review

    I am deciding between the GW3500B-1a and the GW3000B-1a. I wanted to know ifyou can help me with the differences between the two.

    My usage for the watches are going to be a primarily when I go swimming,travel between cities for work so time zones, and alarm clock.

    I also wanted to know if any of the watches have a compass since I travel itwould help in the directions as well.

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    Re: G-Aviation GW3500B-1A Review

    Post copied from 'Reviews'.
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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    Re: G-Aviation GW3500B-1A Review

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    Welcome! The main difference to these two watches is color (and the 3500 is ani/digi). They are both beauties!! Unfortunately, neither one wiill have a compass. For that feature you will have to look to the Protrek/Pathfinder line, or wait to get your hands on a new Mudman.
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