a G and a BG for Birthday Presents!

Thread: a G and a BG for Birthday Presents!

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    a G and a BG for Birthday Presents!

    My girlfriend and I were born in April so we decided to buy watches as birthday presents. Having sold my all of my G's (5600 and G-300) some months ago, I have always miss them from time to time. Therefore, we bought a G and a BG for ourselves last week.

    As for me, I picked a G-7710 for its well-balanced layout, nice color scheme and suitable size while my girlfriend chose a BG90 purely because
    of the watch's lovely apperance.

    These are some pictures!

    FYI, G-7710 pictures were taken by my own mobile phone where as
    BG90 pictures were taken by a borrowed camera.
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    Re: a G and a BG for Birthday Presents!

    Congratulations to you both! What a lovely pair...

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    Re: a G and a BG for Birthday Presents!

    Good stuff, mate, congratulations. And a happy birthday to you both!

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    Re: a G and a BG for Birthday Presents!

    For just one second there, I thought you got a G and something else that has a two letter acronym that begins with "B" for a gift. Now that, that would be a real birthday combination. But this is still cool...

    Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday to both of you!

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