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    G - Lide

    Have been eyeing on a g-lide for quite some time,

    But ever since I'm looking into the g-lides, I'm really confused of the models.
    There were G, GLX, GRX, GLS, DW.

    So what's the difference, and which one to get?

    Thanks for your reply in advance.


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    Re: G - Lide

    Hello Alex, Welcome to the forum

    A little introduction to understand G-Lide:

    A little explanation on model names:
    Does "DW" stand for "Digital Watch"?

    Narrow down your selection and then we can help to make best choices. Question about which G-Lide to get the range is a bit too broad.
    What makes you attracted by G-Lide? What feature do you need? What color? What size are you comfortable with? What wrist size do you have?

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    Re: G - Lide

    The "G-Lide" is pretty much just a marketing image thing these days. In the latest round of models, they all seem to have tide graph and moon phase functions. But there are other G-Shock models with those features too. It's more about a "style", really. You'll see either a wider range of colors or some more unusually bright colors available. The links wuyeah provides are good. Here's another: WatchShock--GLide. This one gives you a nice visual line-up of what previous and current models look like.
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