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    I got this one because I wanted something different, and yes, because of the customizable header you can program on the top of the display . The G-7800-1DR is a very interesting model, something very different from everything I have so far.

    I would say it's on the "normal size" for watches, with 44.5 mm of diameter and just 13.4 mm high. So it's not too small, with a good wrist presence, and not big enough to be uncomfortable. Besides, the strap is very very comfy to use, totally different from the rugged & tough varieties that you find on 9300s and GX-56s. It's also light, weighing just 66 g, and that with the nice size makes it one of those watches that you forget you have on the wrist.

    Though it looks quite different from 90% of all the G-Shocks Casio ever released, what really sets it apart is the 3163 module. Can you imagine a "fun module"? Well, that's how you can describe the 3163. I wouldn't say it's the perfect module (everybody knows that Casio making a perfect module is as likely as finding life in space), but it has some interesting features that make it stand out. First is the customizable line of text that you can insert in the top of the screen, visible in home time mode.

    This is also the only module that I know of that has two different fonts that you can choose for the display, and one of the few modules where you can have alarm and hourly signal sound off with a light display (not the EL, but from LEDs in the bottom of the display). Another very interesting feature is that you can choose how the day/date is displayed, and as an added bonus, in the home time mode you can have time, day, date, month and year all displayed in big and easy to read digits. So it's a fun and quite practical module .

    And what's not to like about the module? Well, it doesn't display current time in SW and CT mode, something that could easily have been done in the bottom of the screen instead of showing what mode is being used. And the alarm/beeps, while not anemic, surely are not loud. I think it's the quietest regular battery G that I own - I have some solars that are louder.

    This is a very cool G, but if I didn't know better, I would say it's not a G . First of all, it looks VERY different from almost all models that Casio has ever produced. Yeah, it's "classically-5600-square", but the metal accents and smooth strap are not common for a G. In my eyes it looks like a "dress G-Shock". And then there's the module. When has a G-Shock module ever been "fun"? I would describe all G-Shock modules with words like efficient, no-nonsense and practical, but not fun. Honestly, I would expect to see the (visual) features of the 3163 on a fashion brand watch, but not on a tool watch like a G.

    Don't get me wrong, I really liked the features of the watch, I think it's not perfect just because the current time is not displayed in the SW and CT modes, and I'm glad to see Casio thinking outside of the box. Frankly, I'm a bit tired of the never ending color variations that Casio seems to be so crazy about. How about new models, instead of just getting the same watch but in a myriad of different "Men in Whatever Color" version ? So it's kind of weird to see something like this on a G-Shock, or at least it's something totally unexpected. But because of all this, I think the G-7800 is a MUST BUY if you collect Gs. It's a very good watch for every day use, but definitively a must buy for g-shockaholics.

    When I ordered it I wasn't totally sure I would like the different looks, but after having it in my hands, I can say this was a terrific buy .

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    Re: A G outside of the box

    First!!!!! Congrats!!!!
    **I <3 G's**

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    Re: A G outside of the box

    Excellent description! If I just saw a pic I wouldn't be that interested but you're review certainly makes it sound like a great piece to add to the collection ;)

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    Re: A G outside of the box

    nice sweater, must be expensive
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    Re: A G outside of the box

    Nice one, mate! That's what I call a smart looking G. Congrats and enjoy.

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    Re: A G outside of the box

    That is AWESOME that you customize the font on the top line!...I really like that. Now I'm gonna have to go back and really take a harder look at the 7800's. They didn't grab me at first, but perhaps that will change my mind on them.

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    I got a 7800 in one of those 'crazy colours' as described in L's excellent review :)

    Well I got it for a great price so I wasn't really concerned... This is the 'Golden snake'

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    But I totally agree, the 7800 has an EPIC module...a must for g shockaholics, I certainty was not disappointed even though it was a 'random buy' for me :)
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    Re: A G outside of the box

    nice 7800, i want one :D
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    Re: A G outside of the box

    Got two of them ... I have said it before in another thread but I will repeat it again ... one of the most underrated G's ... IMHO ... love 'em!
    A growing collection of Citizens, Casios & Seikos ... doh!!

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    Re: A G outside of the box

    great review! I enjoyed it. I agree on a lot of your points and especially the myriad of colors marketing style that Casio uses. The push buttons look like they are boxed in a bit. Are they harder to access than normal?

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