g shock 301b-scratch.
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Thread: g shock 301b-scratch.

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    g shock 301b-scratch.

    guys this is karan rajpoot from delhi,india.
    i have a casio g shock 301b,which i love a lot.
    but a few days back i had an accident on my motorbike,my watch suffered a lot of scratches but its still in fine shape.
    but the area where g shock is written on the watch got totally scracted up,the white part came out.
    the S of the shock is distorted now.

    what can be done now?can it be replaced?if yes then how much will it cost me.

    and guys please forgive me , i am a new member,this is my first post.

    didnt know what to do with that scratch,so came here to seek advice.really feeling bad for my g shock.

    guys help asap

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    Re: g shock 301b-scratch.

    does no body has a answer to this.???????????????

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    Re: g shock 301b-scratch.

    You may buy a new bezel for your watch and simply exchange the bezel.
    Its the rubber part where "G-shock" is stamped on.

    In your case its a 2-parts bezel:
    - Rubber part
    - steel part

    If the steel is not scratched you can keep it.

    The bezel is held in place by tiny screws on the sides of the watch.
    The picture shows a similar bezel of a different G.
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