G-Shock app feature request.
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Thread: G-Shock app feature request.

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    G-Shock app feature request.

    the GMW-B5000 is missing a battery indicator .

    having to connect to the app to check battery status is annoying.

    since the watch tries to connect to the phone 4 times a day in order to get sync. it would be nice if the app had a widget that displays the
    battery status and last time of sync .
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    Re: G-Shock app feature request.

    Totally agree, I was kinda shocked when I first noticed this. I guess the idea is that you never need to worry about the battery. In fairness that has been the case for me so far :)

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    Re: G-Shock app feature request.

    It is a bit feeble but I knew from experience that it would be fully charged and sure enough last time I connected that was the case.

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