G-shock aviation GW-A1000 NATO?

Thread: G-shock aviation GW-A1000 NATO?

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    G-shock aviation GW-A1000 NATO?

    I like the look of this watch a lot but I don't like rubber straps and really would prefer a NATO strap on it. Can I put one straight onto the watch or does it need some type of adapter? From what I've been seeing in pictures it looks like it needs an adapter, but I want to hear from someone who has one. Finally, if it does need one, where would I find such a thing? I'm Canadian.

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    Re: G-shock aviation GW-A1000 NATO?

    Casio Watches - Tiktox


    Consumer Electronic Parts and Accessories at PacParts, Inc.

    The Tik Tox site has the adapters listed on the left upper side of the page. Not sure if you need the 1300 or 1500. (I'm trying to figure out the same thing). The GW3000 and GW2500 both appear the same (1300). I do not have a GW-A1000 on hand for a comparison.
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    Re: G-shock aviation GW-A1000 NATO?

    anyone have any luck?

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    Re: G-shock aviation GW-A1000 NATO?

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffreywarren View Post
    anyone have any luck?
    From this thread, it looks like the solution is the Casio PAW-1300 Pathfinder adapter: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f17/avi...-a-964460.html

    I knew I had seen a lot of threads asking the same question, but that's the only thread with an ANSWER that I've found -- so far!

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